Wyrmwood Gaming Unveils Prophecy Game Table

Wyrmwood Gaming has just unveiling their game table, the Prophecy, at GenCon 50. Hand made in New England, this beast is a mastercraft, heirloom quality piece of furniture that’s meant to last a lifetime.

Table on White3The total size of the table is 88″ x 52″ x 33″ with an interior Game Vault surface that’s 78″ x 36″ – 41″. The surface is adjustable from a depth of 3″ to flush with the top, and can be done so manually or with an added on mechanical lift system. There’s a magetic Dual Track system for added accessories like cup holders and spill-proof topper. The track runs along the inside and outside of the table.

Only 12 of these tables will be made in Wyrmwood’s first wave, several which are already spoken for.

Pricing is modular, depending on what you want. A base table in Red Oak with no added frills is $5000. The table topper is another $1000, as is the mechanical lift system. Cup holders are $45, Component Organizers are $35, and a Master Shelf is $150. There’s also different Vault Overlay surfaces for an extra $250. Prices go up dramatically for different woods. Down payment for a table is $1000, with 50% of the table’s cost being required when the build starts. You can see the complete pricing guide here. Wyrmwood does offer payment plans to make the cost a bit easier to handle.

All in all the table looks absolutely amazing, and it’s guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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