Streets of Steel Preview

Streets of Steel Preview - CoverDesigners: Ryan Lesser
Publisher: Wild Power Games
Year: 2018
Minimum Pledge$60
Players: 1-4
Play Time: 30-75 min
Ages: 8+Stree
Rules Available OnlineYes
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Launching on Kickstarter today, Ryan Lesser’s cooperative Streets of Steel is a throwback to the arcade beat’em ups of the 80’s. With inspiration like Streets of Rage and Final Fight, players hit the mean streets of Steel City to pound Punx and other baddies as they work their way towards the Boss Mutie. With motivations like saving their girlfriend, cleaning up the city streets, earning extra credit in school, and … just kicking ass, the 4 heroes/heroines of Streets of Steel are larger than life and just a bit familiar.

(insert Ballad of Mayor Van Dammage here)
(realize this is a bad joke most people won’t get)

Streets of Steel’s board consists of 8 Street Tiles that are placed down 3 at a time and “scroll” as the game goes on. Each tile has 3 rows and 6 total spaces containing 3 different Treat Levels of baddies, several types of obstacles, and sometimes items. Players must move, attack, threaten, and use their special powers to punch and kick their way through the city streets and face the ultimate boss battle at the end of the game. As they do Street Tiles will be removed from the left side of the board, killing anything left on them, and a new tile is placed to the right. If at any time a player dies in the game a quarter must be spent to bring them back, temporarily granting them invincibility. The game’s difficulty level can be changed by increasing/decreasing the number of quarters players start out with.

Streets of Steel Components

As seen in the picture above, Streets of Steel is packed with goodness. Wild Power Games is known for their excellent miniatures, as seen in their previous game High Heavens. For those who might want a bit more “16-bit” experience, there will also be standees for every character included in the box. Each hero/heroine and villain also has an oversized card with all the stats and information needed for them. The street tiles are large and wonderfully nostalgic, and the various tokens follow through with the theme.

Streets of Steel has the feel of an 80’s arcade beat’em up complete with quarters and overly intense heroes/heroines. Details like temporary invincibility when you revive and a “scrolling” board really nail the feel of classics video games such as Streets of Rage or Final Fight. It hits Kickstarter at $60 and I’m really interested to see what stretch goals are revealed as the campaign goes on. For more detailed info on how the game is played check out the full rules or Wild Power’s walkthrough of the game.

A prototype of Streets of Steel was provided free for this preview by Wild Power Games

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