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Bag of Holding
It wasn’t long ago that I had posted about the release of ThinkGeek’s new Bag of Holding. The other weekend at PAX East I met with ThinkGeek to see what else they had coming out soon and they were kind of enough to send me home with one of the new bags to help me carry all my con swag home. I was a bit more than excited.

This week I’m traveling with my family for the National OAKE Conference in Philly. A perfect chance to see what the new Bag of Holding can do. Just before we left I packed it up with my 15” Macbook Pro with its charger, my pocket Moleskine and some writing utensils, various charging cables, and a few board games. The smaller games I packed inside were Mint Works, Innovation, Scuttle, and Miskatonic School for Boys. Those fit easily in the smaller compartment with my MacBook’s power cord. I also packed a larger game. Meduris to be exact. It’s a fairly standard sized, square box. Probably 12”x12”x2”. It fit with absolutely no issues in the larger compartment.

This is a feat the older Bag of Holding would have had a bit of a problem with. The new Bag of Holding is slightly larger and has a square profile rather than a more rectangular one like its predecessors. Not only did Meduris fit with no issue, but the bag as a whole wasn’t overly bulking when I closed it up with all my travel goodies. Also, the new should padding made it much more comfortable to carry with a bit of weight in it.

The size isn’t the only feature of the Bag of Holding that got an upgrade. The bottom corners of the bag are now reinforced with leather. A welcome nicety since my last bag has several holes down there from wear and tear. The zippers are a bit more rugged with stronger keys. The bag zips up nicely with a satisfying feeling. The clasps for the front flap and back pocket have been replaced with magnetic closures, each of which stays secure when you’re toting the bag around.

There’s soem visual upgrades, too. The d20 and Bag of Holding logo on the front of the bag are now pressed into leather, while the lining of the bag’s inside now have a geeky print containing swords, shields, gemstones, potions, and d20s.

It’s pretty safe to say I love this bag. I mean, I loved the old Bag of Holding, but the new one fixes some of the gripes I had with my aging satchel. Will I throw out my beat up, old Bag of Holding? Never. I’ll fix it up the best I can and will continue to treasure it. Will I replace it with this new version for my everyday carry? Hell, yes. The new Bag of Holding is everything I look for in a bag and feels like it’s built to last.

Want one? You should. You can snag one over a ThinkGeek for $49.99.

A Bag of Holding was provided for free by ThinkGeek for review.

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