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I’m sure most of us have grown up playing Memory. It’s a classic kids’ game that’s being playing in hundreds of thousands of households even to this day. Gigamons takes the Memory mechanic and adds a bit more gameplay to it. It’s a kids’ game through-and-through, but certainly improves on a tried-and-true formula.


The game starts off with a shuffle of all the Elemon tiles. Then a 3×3 grid of tiles is placed face down on the table and play begins. Players take turns trying to make matches. If a match isn’t made then the turn moves to the player on the left. If a match is made then the player who made the match takes the tiles for themselves.

Where Gigamons gets a bit interesting is that each of the Elemon types has a special power. When a match is made a special power is triggered. Some of the powers including taking another turn, take a tiling from the top of the tile stack, peeping at some of the tiles on the board, or placing a boulder on top of a tile on the board so it can’t be flipped until your next turn. There’s even an Elemon, Polymon, who’s power is that it can be matched with any other Elemon, but that match doesn’t trigger the other Elemon’s power.

Any tiles take from the board are then replaced with ones from the tile stack.

Once a player has three of an Elemon type in front of them they can summon that type’s Gigamon by discarding the set. The first player to get 3 Gigamons wins the game. It should be noted that Gigamons can be stolen by other players who create that Gigamon’s matching set of Elemons.


The artwork is Gigamons is friendly, colorful, and cute. The larger-than-life Gigamons, while fairly useless other than a scoring mechanism, are excellent quality and fun to look at/hold. Tiles are thick, easy to pick up, and sturdy. My only real complaint here is the shape of the box. I’m really not a fan of non-standard boxes, and while the flat bottom stands easily enough I’m just not digging the otherwise rounded shape. This in no way, shape, or form affects the gameplay, but it’s a gripe nonetheless.

Gigamons Pieces
Cute and cuddly


My kids and I really had a great time with Gigamons, and it’s hit the table multiple times already. My kids are such big fans of the game that my 6-year-old picked it out at our local toy store to bring as a gift to his friend’s birthday party this past weekend. To me, that’s a great indicator of how much my little guy enjoys this one.

Blue Orange never seems to fail to create fun and memorable family games, and at around $15-$17, you can’t go wrong snagging this one.

Gigamons was provided free for review by Blue Orange Games

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