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Recently, the fine folks over at Game Matz shared some of their wares with us—Kraken Dice. Based out of San Diego, Game Matz specializes in producing and selling unique gaming mats and dice sets and dice bags for RPG gaming. Shown below are a few examples of what they have to offer:

A leather dice bag containing a 7-piece metal dice set will run you $29.95.  Shown here is a set of Dwarven Copper (left) and a set of Dwarven Brass (right). These 16mm polyhedral dice sets are built to last and are a nice addition to any collection. My biggest complaint is the price tag. $29.95 is a hefty sum to shell out for a gaming accessory that is pure aesthetics when you boil it down. However, relative to most metallic dice sets, these are actually quite affordable if you are in the market for that sort of item. Additionally, Kraken Dice offers a number of promotions. Currently, they are running a 10% coupon code (“SAVE10”), a buy 3, get 1 free deal, and you can sign up for a rewards points program through their main site:


Kraken Dice also offers a variety of handmade, poured polyhedral dice. These dice come in an assortment of color combinations. The swirling colors create a smoky mixture giving these dice some very distinctive character. A 7-piece set will cost you $8.95 and comes in a nice velvet drawstring bag, making this a great gift option. Shown here are Sapphire Raven (bottom, right) and Emerald Midnight (top).

All-in-all, these are some great dice sets. If you are looking to spice up your gaming table with some cool new dice or bless a friend with a unique gift, definitely give this site a glance.

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