Review – Flinthook

Developer: Tribute Games
Publisher: Tribute Games
Year: 2017
Platform: Steam,PS4, Xbox One
MSRP: $14.99


If you read my “[5 Tips When Starting Flinthook(]” article, you already have a bit of an idea about Tribute Game’s latest offering. Flinthook is an action-platform with roguelike elements where you speed through procedurally generated ships using a grappling hook, plasma gun, and Chronobelt that slows down time.

Loot the ships, track down your bounty, and show the universe why you’re the most feared bounty hunter around.


Captain Flinthook may be a small pirate, but he’s mighty! Equipped with a Blasma Pistol, Chronobelt, and, of course, his trusty Quickhook, Flinthook plunders pirate ships and hunts down bounties throughout space.

The core mechanic Flinthook employs is the Quickhook. It’s an extremely flexible and fast grappling hook that is one of your main means of transportation through each level. After a bit of practice, is becomes second nature to zip around each ship without much thought. Flinthook also has a Blasma Pistol to take out enemies and a Chronobelt to slow down time in small intervals.

The game starts you off in a quick tutorial level, then gives you your first bounty. Each bounty requires 3 special coins, fed to your compass, to track down. You get these coins by plundering procedurally generated ships. Die, and you start the whole segment of the game over again. Of course, like any other roguelike, you get more powerful each time. In Flinthook it’s thanks to equipable Perks and a Black Market for buying core upgrades to Captain Flinthook.

Perks range from a more powerful Blasma Pistol to a faster Quickhook. The Black Market sells items to earn Flinthook more experience, up his Perk capacity, and more. Through careful Perk management and wise Black Market upgrades, the game becomes a bit easier each time you bite the dust.

The game still a bit tough? You can always pick how tough the ships you plunder are from a list of several choices. Each ship has icons that will show you what to expect inside. Sometimes it’s more loot. Sometimes it’s waves of enemies, extra traps, and other nasty surprises. After a bit of play, it becomes more clear which icons represent what bonuses/perils each ship contains.

Once you’ve cleared out 3 ships you can move on to take out your bounty, represented by a difficult boss. Flinthook progresses in this manner until you finally beat the game.


Flinthook wouldn’t be Flinthook without it’s cartoony pixel-graphics. The visuals are both amazing and consistent, pulling you fully into the experience of the game’s world. Each character is wonderfully animated, expressive, and strange. Captain Flinthook, himself, is instantly likeable from the first few moments of taking control of him.

The soundtrack is also out of this world (pun, sadly, intended), keeping up with the pace of the game without being obnoxious. You’ll find yourself humming along as you race through levels, choose ships to attack, and purchase mighty goods from the Black Market.


There’s not much to dislike about Flinthook. The gameplay is tight, enjoyable, and fast-paced. Progression, while a bit tough starting out, gradually becomes easier as the game goes on. Something that lovers of roguelike games are very familiar with. The game’s hook (will it ever end?), the grappling mechanic, never feels to get old or get frustrating. It’s quite the opposite. Every time you land an amazing hook or use the Quickhook to narrowly bypass a nasty room leads to a feeling of immense satisfaction.

Tribute Games has a proven track record with games, but Flinthook goes above and beyond with a level of excellence that’s hard to beat. At $14.99 it’s one of the best deals around right now.

A PS4 copy of Flinthook was provided free for review by Tribute Games.

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