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CoverI can’t remember where I had gotten the game, but at some point in 1990, I first played Target Earth for the SEGA Genesis. I immediately fell in love with it. The graphics, the music, the difficulty, and the loadout based customization were an instant hit with a 9-year-old me. When I first heard about Assault Suit Leynos I thought to myself, “Wow! This looks great. It looks just like Target Earth!”

That’s because it’s a remake of Target Earth, or should I say, it’s a remake of the original Japanese title, Assault Suit Leynos.

Yeah. I feel a bit dumb. I’m not ashamed to admit that.

Target Earth
Such fond memories


For those familiar with the original it plays almost exactly the same. The missions have been tweaked, some with multiple outcomes. Major additions to your arsenal are a shield, a boost, and a melee attack, all of which are extremely helpful throughout play.

For those who aren’t familiar, Assault Suit Leynos puts you in the cockpit of a giant Assualt Suit. There’s 8 missions in the game, each with different objectives. Before each mission, you’ll choose a loadout from all your current equipment and then be sent off to do what needs to be done. Some missions involve destroying a certain target. Others, protecting one or more things.

This updated version has a much faster pace to it, and a bit more of a bullet-hell feel. It also feels a bit easier than the original game, but if you’re looking for a challenge you can always play through the original from the options menu. For even more challenges, there are even ways to customize the game’s Arcade mode by unlocking modifiers throughout the game.


I’m really impressed with how Assault Suit Leynos looks. I’m even more impressed that the studio didn’t go full 3D. The 2D sprites are ultra detailed and comparatively bigger than their original counterparts. Weapon fire, explosions, and all that good stuff is in your face, sometimes blocking your view of the action. This isn’t a bad thing. It’s just what is.

While the Genesis obviously has limitations and had to reuse a lot of assets, the remake feels fresh throughout the whole game. The sheer size and breadth of the levels and enemies really takes things to a whole different level.

The biggest step in, in my opinion, is the interface. There’s not much screen space lost to things like your health, selected weapons, available weapons, boss health, etc… Everything is seamless, yet still keeps that old-school feel.

Bigger and better
Everything is a bit bigger and better


Getting a remake of Target Earth is a dream come true, and I’m extra glad that such care was taken in doing so. The game retains the feel of the original yet makes it modern in every way shape and form. The unlockable extras and classic mode are a great touch and the fact that they didn’t try to add any kind of multiplayer puts a smile on my face.

Assault Suit Leynos is out on Steam and the PS4. It’s more than worth $20 even though the main campaign is a bit short.

Now if someone would just remaster UN Squadron I’d be in geek heaven.

A copy of Assault Suit Leynos on Steam was provided free for review by Rising Star Games.

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