Preview – Itchy Feet: The Travel Game

if playingDesigners: Malachi Rempen, Maxime Rioux
Publisher: Self-Published
Year: 2017
Minimum Pledge: $24
Players: 2-6
Play Time: 8-45 minutes
Ages: 12+
Rules Available OnlineYes
BGG: Itchy Feet: The Travel Game

Itchy Feet, the travel-themed comic by Malachi Ray, is getting a card game that’s launching on Kickstarter today. The game is race, with players trying to be the first to travel to the country at the center of the table.

I’m getting ahead of myself.

To setup, each player gets a Passport Card and a Country Card at random. Then Country Card is drawn at random and placed at the center of the table. The item cards are shuffled, and 3 are dealt out to each player. At this point Extensions, if being used, are shuffled into the deck. More on those later.

On each player’s turn they must take one of the following actions:

  • Draw – Draw a card from the deck
  • Recycle – Discard 2 cards from your hand to take 1 from the discard pile
  • Trade – Trade 1 card, face up, with another player. If you initiate a successful trade you get to draw 1 card as a bonus
  • Steal – Discard 1 card from your hand to steal a card at random from another player
  • Travel – Travel to a country by discarding the 3 required items indicated on the Country Card. You must also have a Passport to be able to travel. If successful, discard the Country Card and draw 1 card.

Play continues in this manner until someone travels to the central country.

To be perfectly honest, the game is a bit bland. The Extensions included with the game liven it up a bunch and certainly make it more enjoyable. The rules recommend playing your first game without any of them, but I’d say that’s a big mistake as you might get the wrong impression of the game. There are several types of Extensions. You can play with any or all of them at a time.

The Extensions available are:

  • Events – Played immediately when drawn and affect all players
  • Forbidden Items – Special actions that can be taken to help you or hinder other players
  • Postcards – Collect all 4 into your hand to instantly win the game
  • Character Cards – Each has their own special ability that is active for the entire game

The Extensions make the game much more interesting, providing more depth and overall excitement. The game is truly best with all the Extensions added in and should be played with them from the start. They don’t really add much extra difficulty to the game, and it suffers without them.

At first glance, Itchy Feet seems a bit simplistic. Once you get into the game and start stealing Passports, using Forbidden Items, trying to snag Postcards, and dealing with Events as they pop up, you realize that it really has more to offer than meets the eye. At a minimum pledge of $24, that’s a good thing.

A prototype copy of Itchy Feet: The Travel Game was provided free for preview



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