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New from Genius Games, Nerd Words is a science-based party game that is currently up on Kickstarter. Genius Games, for those who may not know, are the makers of the awesome worker placement game, Cytosis. “A thinky word game meets science”, Nerd Words takes the classic “guess my word” party mechanic and gives it some interesting twists.

Nerd Words has players breaking into two teams with one person designated as the first round’s Clue Giver. Every player gets two cards with 3 science terms each on them. The Clue Giver picks a word, then writes down a clue word using starting with one of the letters from the word with the exception of the first letter (This is reserved for a 4th clue, if needed.) Each team then gets 60 seconds to guess the word, betting a number of their points on their guess.

Nerd Words Preview - Game Bo
A look at what you’ll get

If a team correctly guesses the Clue Giver’s word, awesome! They get a certain number of points, plus any points they wagered. They then pick a member of their team to be the new Clue Giver and the current one joins their team. The team that guessed incorrectly loses any points they wagered. If both teams can’t guess the Clue Giver’s turn another clue is provided. The game moves on until every player has been the Clue Giver twice or a team reaches 50 points.

I’m normally not a huge fan of party games or games with bidding as many return readers will know. Nerd Words is an exception to both rules. A, it’s science-based. B, the twist of only using letters from the scientific term in the clues works out really well as more and more letters from the term are revealed the more clues are given. As for the bidding, there’s no pressure to if you’re really not sure of your answer. Even if you did nothing, and get a term right, you still earn points. Sure you’ll have to wager some eventually, but it’s a fun risk to take when the time comes.

Nerd Words comes with cards focused on basic terms from biology, chemistry, physics and earth science. There are currently 4 add-on packs available that can be added to your pledge for a total of 270 more cards:

  •  Space Science – features terms found in Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology 
  •  Earth Science – features terms found in Ecology, Geology, and Oceanography
  •  Advanced Biology – features terms found in Biochemistry, Microbiology and Molecular Biology
  •  Medical Sciences – features terms found in Anatomy, Physiology and Basic Medicine
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I’m guaranteed to not know many of the terms in those packs, but I know my wife will! So yeah, I won’t be getting them so I have a better chance of winning.


Of of the things I love most about Genius Games is how they make fantastic educational games, not just an educational product that’s been barely gamified. They’ve proven just how adept they are at this over the years, and Nerd Words is no exception. The best part? Nerd Words is already funded and you can guarantee yourself a print-and-play edition of the game for only $1. If you want a physical copy it’s $19 + shipping, or a copy of the game plus all the add-ons is $29 + shipping. If you’re a fan of great party games, or a science or word nerd, Nerd Words is most certainly for you.

A prototype of Nerd Words was provided free for preview by Genius Games

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