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After being driven underground by dragons, humanity finds a mysterious box deep beneath the ground. Solid black, with nothing more than a glowing, orange eye on the lid and the words DO NOT OPEN on the sides…they open it…

Life Siphon Preview - You are Cursed
…and are instantly cursed.

Given incredible powers at the cost of their own life force, the humans now do battle with their closest friends to be the last one standing and break the curse. Summon up to 3 familiars on your turn, the Imp, Dread Knight, and Lich, each draining your precious health even lower. Move them to the battlegrounds to attack the player to your left, all while defending against the player on your right. Use cards to further your advantage and gain temporary Aspects to grant you further abilities. The first player to defeat their opponent wins.

Life Siphon Preview - Pieces
The Eye calls you to battle!

Life Siphon is a game of tug-of-war between 2-4 players by Lay Waste Games and is currently on Kickstarter. I’ve had a chance to play it at BostonFIG, and the comfort of my own home. It’s a fantastic balance of trying to take down your opponent while managing your own health, which drastically dwindles from summoning creatures and taking damage from the player to your right.

What amazes me most about Life Siphon is the amount of choices, flexibility, and dynamics come from a game where it seems like it’ll end after the first few rounds. The health of each player drastically drops early on in the game and it’s only through clever card play, helping players that aren’t your direct competition, and strategic use of each familiar’s unique properties that barely keep you in the game. Every game I’ve played so far has been tight, tense, with no clear runaway leaders.

Already funded, Life Siphon can be yours for a pledge of $45 for the standard version or $70 for the metal one. This is not one to miss.

A copy of Life Siphon was provided free for preview by Lay Waste Games

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