DIY RPG Healing Potions!

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Recently, there has been a growing trend of RPG gamers creating their own healing potions using unique glass jars and dice. You can pick these up on Etsy, or simply make them yourself. They make great gifts for your PCs or friends, or, a nice reusable in-game item for any GM.

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Shown on 36″ x 36″ Grass gaming mat with 1″ grid by Deep-Cut Studio

The potion bottle pictured here was crafted using a $0.99 heart-shaped glass vial with a cork top, twine, and a paper tag purchased at Hobby Lobby. You can pick up a bulk 50-pack of red d4 dice ($17.95) at also offers a variety of other dice in bulk quantities. Under the company name, The Dice Lab, this seller also designs, manufactures, and offers for sale a variety of unique dice, like the d120, d60, and d48 shown below. So, if you are looking to assemble something truly unique, you can get wildly creative with your dice filling.

20190428 125127
20190428 125213

Crafting health potions is a great idea for a lazy Sunday afternoon or something to do with your kids. And, you are not limited to “health” potions, the sky is the limit with the various concoctions you can craft up. Next time you are in your local craft or hobby store, take a look around.

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