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To be eligible for a Pawn award a game had to have been reviewed (not previewed) by our writers in the year of the Pawn being awarded. The three tiers of awards are, from lowest to highest, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. I’ve been asked why don’t I do a Bronze award. I mean, who really wants to win Bronze?

To find out more about each game you just need to click its thumbnail to be magically whisked away to the review.

2020 Awards

Board Games

Funkoverse Strategy Game – Funko Games
One Hundred Torii – Pencil First Games
Over Under Ostritch – Dolphin Games
Prisma Arena – HUB Games
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Change is Constant – IDW Games
Shadow*Kitty – Breaking Games
Streets of Steel – Wild Power Games

Empyreal: Spells & Steam – Level 99 Games
The Few and Cursed – Rock Manor Games
Scythe – Stonemaier Games
Shobu – Smirk & Laughter Games
Tidal Blades: Heroes of the Reef – Druid City Games / Skybound Games

Dwellings of Eldervale – Breaking Games


Black Void – Black Void Games
Eyes Unclouded – Dungeon Master’s Guild
Humblewood – Deck of Many
Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything – Wizards of the Coast

Fateforge – Studio Agate
Tales from the Loop – Free League Publishing
Tiny Dungeon 2nd Edition – Gallant Knight Games
Those Dark Places – Osprey Games

Cortex Prime – Atlas Games / Fandom

2019 Awards

Board Games

Slide Quest – Blue Orange Games
Mint Cooperative – Five24 Labs
Call to Adventure – Brotherwise Games
Guildball: Kickoff – Steamforged Games
A.E.G.I.S. – Zephyr Workshop
Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig – Stonemaier Games
Movable Type – Uncanny Cardboard

Skulk Hollow – Pencil First Games
Wingspan – Stonemaier Games
RWBY – Arcane Wonders
Dust 1947 – Dust USA
Greedy Kingdoms – AEG

Dice Throne Season 2 – Roxley Game Laboratory


Savage Worlds – Pinnacle
Artifacts of the Guild – DMs Guild

Star Crossed – Bully Pulpit Games
Uncaged: Vol 1 – DMs Guild
Cthulhu Mythos 5e – Petersen Games
Farland – The World of Farland
Eberron – Wizards of the Coast

Forbidden Lands – Free League

2018 Awards

Cthulhu Wars – Petersen Games
Keyforge – Fantasy Flight Games
My Little Scythe – Stonemaier Games
Pocket Sub – Alley Cat Games
Thanos Rising – USAopoly
The Legend of Korra: Pro Bending Arena – IDW Games
Tower of Madness – Smirk & Dagger Games

Azul – Plan B Games
Bumuntu – WizKids
Century: Golem – Plan B Games
Everdell – Starling Games
Hanamikoji – Deep Water Games
Rise of Tribes – Breaking Games
Tao Long – Thundergryph Games

ROOT – Leder Games

2017 Awards

Sparkle Kitty – Breaking Games
Stratos – Board & Tale
Eschaton – Archon Games
Brass Empire – Rock Manor Games
Planetarium – Game Salute

Dice Forge – Asmodee
Santorini – Roxley
Seikatsu – IDW Games
Zendo – Looney Labs
Unearth – Brotherwise Games

Dead Man’s Doubloons – Thundergryph Games