Unboxing King of Tokyo Power Up and Cthulhu Monster Pack

Rob Kalajian unboxing 0 Comments

King of Tokyo is a family favorite. I’ve already taken a look at the new edition of the game, and now I have the Power Up! expansion and the first Monster Pack, Cthulhu. The Power Up! expansion is pretty much the same as the original, just updated for the new artwork and monsters that come in the base game. Cthulhu is the first of what I hope are many monster packs, containing not only the monster, but everything needed to use it with the base game and Power Up! expansion.

Now, let’s get to the pics!

Power Up! Box
Power Up! Box Back
Power Up! Rules
Power Up! Stuff
Power Up! Panda
Monster Pack 1 Box
Monster Pack 1 Box Back
Monster Pack 1 Rules
Monster Pack 1 Stuff
Monster Pack 1 Monster
Monster Pack 1 Cthulhu

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