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Pages of War is a game I previously previewed on Purple Pawn, and has just hit Kickstarter. There’s been a few changes since I’ve played, but apparently nothing so major that my impressions of the game should differ in any way.

In the game you’re a bard telling the story of one of four great races: The Men of Blue Mountain, The Orcs of the Black Hills, The Dragkins of the Cloudy Peaks, or The Elves of the Verdant-Wood. Throughout the game you’ll be forming ranks and clashing back and forth until you’re the lone victor. One great thing about the game is the lack of player elimination. If a player is defeated in a 3-4 player game they can lend their remaining troops to another play.

You can pledge $1 to get a print-and-play version of Pages of War when it’s funded, or $29 to get the full, boxed game.

I like the game when I tried it out back in March, and I’m looking forward to it funding and getting the see the final product.

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