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Cooking Rumble Unboxing

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Time for my Cooking Rumble Unboxing!

You may remember by Cooking Rumble preview back in August of 2017. After a super successful Kickstarter campaign, Aether Tower is finally sending copies of the game out to backers! My copy arrived yesterday and I’m ultra-happy with the final product. Cooking Rumble comes in a sturdy little box with a full-art sleeve. Inside, thick tiles, wooden tokens, and colorfully illustrated cards await.

Keep in mind that this is the Deluxe Version of the game. The Pocket Edition comes in a tuck box with cardboard tokens instead of wooden ones, cards instead of cardboard tiles. Also, the Pan Tokens are circular instead of pan-shaped like in this Deluxe Version.

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  1. Great pictures, Rob!
    Fun facts about some cards:
    Silvia is Nono-Choice’s mother (The artist who drew Cooking Rumble).
    Roberto is a friend I play with, who bought the first prototype of Cooking Rumble.
    Dr.Emilio and Mony are my parents, they bought they “be in game” cards, talk about supportive parents.
    Akailee is my nephew, who loves the game; her mother bought the “be in game” reward tier. 🙂

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