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Everdell Review

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Raising almost $500,000 on Kickstarter, Everdell has a fair amount of hype behind it. With a stunning round board, 3-dimensional cardboard tree, wonderfully colorful artwork, and a cast of cute critters, Everdell is a hard game to ignore. The idea of a worker placement game/tableau building game that plays in about 20 minutes per player and has a unique seasonal …

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Pocket Sub Review

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Check your baffles while on the Balls to Four Watch because Alley Cat Games’ Pocket Sub is now arriving at those folks’ who backed the game on Kickstarter earlier in the year. Don’t be a FLOB! Get outta the racks and maneuver your sub through dangerous waters, dropping mines as you go to trying and drop enemy subs through the …

Tidal Blades Giveaway Winner!

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It’s time to declare the winner of the Tidal Blades pledge, A Pawn’s Perspective’s last-ever monthly giveaway. This month’s winner, who’s entry gained by YouTube subscription is… Christine Johnson   Congratulations, Christine! You’ll be the proud new owner of a retail copy of Tidal Blades once the game starts shipping next year. Also, you have the opportunity to buy up …

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Keyforge Review

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Full Keyforge Review What’s that in the sky? A TCG? A CCG? No! It’s Keyforge, Fantasy Flight Games’ Unique Deck Game. What’s that, you may ask? It’s a card battle game where there are over 104 quadrillion possible 37-card decks, every deck completely one-of-a-kind. It’s also designed by Richard Garfield, father of Magic: The Gathering. It’s a fast-paced, exciting card game where …

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Born to Serve Preview

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Designers: Nick Sauer, Diane Sauer Publisher: Shoot Again Games Year: 2019 Minimum Pledge: N/A Players: 2-6 Play Time: 60 min Ages: 12+ Rules Available Online: Yes BGG: Born to Serve It’s tough being a superhero when the government revokes your supergroup’s funding. What’s a hero to do? GET A REAL JOB, YA BUM! Unfortunately, there’s only one job left in town, and that’s as …

Taco Ninja Adventure Preview

Taco Ninja Adventure Preview

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Designers: Rusty Scioscia Publisher: Turn Sideways Games Year: 2019 Minimum Pledge: $20 Players: 2-6 Play Time: 20-30 min Ages: 10+ Rules Available Online: Yes BGG: Taco Ninja Adventure Can’t we all just taco ’bout it? Not in Taco Ninja Adventure, nacho ordinary card battle game. OK. I admit it. That was a bit heavy handed. Anyway, Taco Ninja Adventure is a card battle game …

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Burglar’s Bluff Preview

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Designers: N/A Publisher: Wrinkle-Free Games Year: 2018 Minimum Pledge: $20 Players: 2-4 Play Time: 15-25 min Ages: 12+ Rules Available Online: Yes BGG: Burglar’s Bluff Hitting Kickstarter next week, Burglar’s Bluff is a card game about creating and protecting melds (sets and runs) while also trying to steal banked cards from your opponents. Throughout the game, players will be creating melds and locking them …

Monopoly Fortnite Unboxing

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Rob KalajianMedia personality Rob Kalajian has been a staple in the board game world for many years. As a former writer for Purple Pawn and the owner of A Pawn’s Perspective, Rob focuses on board game reviews, events, and news. A self-proclaimed geek, Rob loves all things toys and games and even helps raise his four kids in his spare …