Yu-Gi-Oh! Legendary Collection Kaiba Announced for March 9 2018

Coming March 9, 2018 the Yu-Gi-Oh! Legendary Collection Kaiba contains some of  Kaiba’s most famous cards in a 100-card all-foil mega-set. 5 of the included cards are brand new and inspired by classic cards like Lord of D. and The Flute of Summoning Dragon.

Each Legendary Collection Kaiba box set will contain:

  • 3 Legendary Collection Kaiba Mega Packs

Each Mega Pack contains:

  • 4 Secret Rare Cards
  • 6 Ultra Rare Cards
  • 5 new cards based on some of Kaiba’s most well-known cards like Lord of D., including a new Fusion Monster to Summon with The Fang of Critias.
  • 1 Game Board

Konami has said that both the name of the collection and what’s contained within are still subject to change.

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