“You’re a lying liar” – Guardian’s Call Hits Kickstarter

Druid City Game released Guardian’s Call on Kickstarter this week, a fantasy bluffing game where players compete to become the Guardian of the Realm. It’s a game I’ve been following for a bit now, seeing how it’s hard not to when there’s been some good buzz about the game for a while now on many of the boardgame Facebook groups. Throughout the game there are treasures to be won, quests to be completed, a council to please, and a war to prepare for. Each character in the game also has their own unique ability that allows them a slight edge in some form or another over other characters.

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Players must bolster their Tableau by gathering cards they need, trying to pawn off cards they don’t, and even cursing other players. Only the player with the most powerful army when war arrives can be named Guardian of the Realm.

Guardian’s Call will be up on Kickstarter until October 13th and is almost funded. You can read the rulebook here, then head over to the campaign page to make your pledge. All it takes is a minimum pledge of $39 to make sure you get a copy of the game when it funds.

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