You Can Now Become an Official Member of the US Tak Association

20170815 105032The US Tak Association announced today that it’s now accepting annual memberships. A standard, $25/year membership will grant you the rights you Association Voting Rights during the organizations annual member meeting, a quarterly newsletter, and a special set of Captstones sent to you every year that you remain a member. There’s also a Youth Membership for those under 17 for $18/year that has all the same perks except for the Association Voting Rights.

The US Tak Association also added:

Over time, and as our membership grows, we will be offering more programs and resources to grow and strengthen the community. We will also be working to bring you more events like our efforts at GenCon this year, where the community is interested.

This is a big step forward, and I hope to see the organization grow and prosper even further because of it.

Damn, if those 2017 capstones don’t look tasty, too.

Sound like something you’re interested in? Join here.

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