You Are Not Welcome at My Table

The US election isn’t over yet, but the results so far have been less than heartening. After everything that’s happened over the past four years, it’s horrible to see how many people still support hatred, bigotry, xenophobia, and much, much worse. A lot of you out there hurt, and that hurt is long and deep-rooted. I’m here to let you know that all of you are always welcome at my table.

This article isn’t for you, though. This article is for people who can’t see past their nose—those who judge others not on their character but by their differences from themselves. I’m writing this directly to those who can’t understand that love is love, that the color of your skin doesn’t make you a better or worse person, that your religious beliefs, or lack of them, by no way defines how moral or worthy you are. You, who think you know better about what people should do with their bodies. The person who thinks it’s OK to separate children from their parents and lock them in cages like animals.

You are not welcome at my table.

I will fight you at every opportunity I can. I will call out your hatred publicly for all to see. I renounce you, family, friend, or acquaintance. What has happened in the United States is nothing less than a travesty and a significant setback to humanity. Make America Great Again? We were great, on track to becoming something more extraordinary. Now we’ve become a mob of willful ignorance, anger, fear, and abuse.

This statement goes far beyond the tabletop hobby.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t agree with most of what the current administration stands for. If you voted to keep it, you voted for the whole package. It shows that you don’t value human life. It shows you have no humanity. Frankly, it shows your character’s measure and that it comes up far more than short. If you bury your head in the sand, you’re just as bad as the cop with his knee on a black man’s neck, the bullies who beat the life out of a gay child, or the person who loathes abortion then turns around and fights to take away proper care for both the mother and the newly born child.

I won’t stand for it.

I’ve pushed the You Are Welcome at My Table mindset, yet some tried to abuse it. Twist it. Use it for their sadistic means. Some people genuinely don’t understand what it means. Just become I am welcoming doesn’t mean I’m forceful. People never had to sit at my table. The fact that I’m accepting doesn’t mean I won’t turn away others who are not.

No matter which way this election goes, we cannot sit idly and allow such toxicity to spread. There needs to be no tolerance for the intolerant. No welcome arms for those who refuse to do the same. No open doors for those who insist on keeping them closed.

It’s time to listen. It’s time to love. It’s time to understand.

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