World Beyblade Organization Launches New Site for 8th Anniversary

WBO 8thAfter a lengthy downtime the World Beyblade Organization has relaunched with a brand-new site for their 8th Anniversary celebration. The new site is fully responsive, bright, and airy. It’s a much-needed step in a modern direction for the WBO.

Along with a new site, they also commissioned two new Beyblade characters by Takafumi Adachi, author of the Metal Fight Beyblade series and creator of legendary characters like Ginga Hagane, Ryuuga, and Zero. The two new characters, Taka and Fumi, represent the Beyblade spirit of all the WBO users and will be the visual core of all the WBO’s design going forward.

There’s a slew of other new things going on over at the WBO, including their yearly scavenger hunt and some tournament rule updates. You can see it all here.

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