Wicked Manticore Dice Towers

Wicked Manticore creates a number of quality hand-finished wooden gaming accessories. Wicked Manticore was formed in 2015 by Michael and Matthew Caron of Maine. They selected the manticore to be their symbol because it represents a fearsome, powerful fantasy creature that hasn’t been played out to death (queue dragon, griffon, etc.). The “wicked” comes from the popular superlative of their homeland, Maine.

Wicked Manticore Dice Tower

Recently, Wicked Manticore shipped over a Dwarven Bulwork dice tower in poplar wood with a Manticore inlay. The Dwarven Bulwork is a compact and sturdy dice tower designed by Wicked Manticore with the dwarven engineering philosophies of form and function in mind. The dice tower measures approximately 2 1/8” x 1 1/2” x 6”. Each dice tower is tooled and shaped from wooden ingots of unique poplar wood before being refined into its final shape by hand. Next, the dice tower is inlaid with the manticore logo (or some other unique design) before being hand-rubbed with natural oils to bring out the figure of the wood grain. Finally, a natural sealer is added as a protective coating.

Wicked Manticore Dice Tower

These dice towers come in a variety of wood types to suit your preferences. You can see a video of these dice towers in action here. The towers are smaller in size than other dice towers so they don’t occupy too much room on your table. They also fit nicely into your backpack or pocket for travel. These dice towers pack a punch and look great too. The basic poplar dice tower sells for $15. Other varieties of wood and design will increase the price. While not the cheapest dice towers on the market, Wicked Manticore products definitely represent a level of care and craftsmanship rivaled by few. If you are looking for a nice dice tower for yourself or to gift to a friend, this is a great buy.

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