Where Do You Play Your Games?

A few years back, my wife and I had some renovations done inside our home. This allowed us to get a much larger dining room table, a necessity when you’ve got four kids rampaging through your home. This table has been where a majority of our gaming has been done since its arrival. We use it for huge games, as well as our D&D sessions. It’s been amazing to have so much space to play on, and I can’t even imagine trying to play games on the much older, hand-me-down table we had before.

That’s not to say that we also don’t get down on the floor to play games as well. Often, when playing with the kids, I’ll plop the box down in the middle of the living room rug, lie on my stomach, and have at it. Occasionally the kids will also take games up to their rooms to play. So it’s not like we have a dedicated gaming space, just spaces in the home that work well for playing games. I grew up in a similar home. Gaming usually took place on the floor, and sometimes on the dining room table, the largest table in the house.

Of course, there are dedicated gaming spaces in some people’s homes filled with all the amazing things found in photos on sites like Board Game Atlas, Board Game Geek, Facebook Groups, and {shudder} Pinterest. Ones with furniture purchased from Wyrmwood Gaming, Board Game Tables, or GEEKNSON. These companies create elaborate hardwood tables made specifically with the gaming crowd in mind. Catering to the more well-to-do gaming crowd, they provide some of the highest luxuries a gamer can acquire.

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Excuse me while I mop up my drool

For gamers who don’t have space at home, or just prefer a more social atmosphere, there are tons of Friendly Local Game Stores with game space, or even board game cafes around the world that will serve food, drink, and an entire library of games to choose from. Both types of businesses are great places to meet up with friends to play games, or even to meet new people or participate in a tournament or two. Larger cities tend to have quite a few to choose from, while smaller suburbs may only have one or two nearby, or at least within a decent distance. These don’t seem to be much a thing in more rural areas, though.

Then there are destination gaming venues. Places like Ravenwood Castle or events like The Dice Tower Cruise. Places that provide both a vacation and gaming. An escape from everyday life and immersion into a gamer’s favorite pastime. They can be as personal and private as they can be crowded and chaotic, but there’s no denying the appeal. I’ve known a few people who even rent a cabin in the woods for a week with a few friends to play games or spend a weekend deep into their favorite RPG.

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I want to live here

Last, but certainly not least, are game conventions. Convention halls packed to the gills with vendors, food stalls/trucks, and plenty of space for open/organized play. I’ve met many people who only attend conventions for the free play. They couldn’t care less about what new games are being shown off by companies, or how cool the stuff a retailer has for sale. They’re there to play. Maybe it’s a miniatures game that no one around where the live plays. Maybe it’s an 8-12 hours game of Twilight Imperium that can only happen at a convention with copious amounts of caffeine and a few people from around the country who share a passion of epic games.

Where do you prefer to play?

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