What’s the Pawn to You?

As I continue to work on and evolve A Pawn’s Perspective, I sometimes need to take a step back and ask what you, the reader, expect from the outlet. Do you enjoy the reviews? The articles? Do you care more about the video content on the YouTube channel or the streaming content on Twitch? Do you mind that video game content is mixed in, or would you rather see more of something else?

As many return readers know, A Pawn’s Perspective was initially a pure review outlet. Over the years, the news was added in, removed, added in again, and removed. Articles and interviews have popped up from time to time, and video reviews of tabletop gaming accessories have become part of the content created. I’ve recently started streaming video games over on Twitch, though I’d love to get more “live” content added into there. Unboxings have come and gone and sometimes still make an appearance. There have been a series of interviews with creators in the Northeast US as well as Patreon Spotlights. There’s even a series of reviews based solely around Etsy

So now I look to you and ask, “What’s your favorite content?” What on the Pawn gets you the most excited to see? Do you care about the Pawn’s Picks awards at the end of the year? Do you want to see live RPG content? More humor? Less humor? I love creating content, but I love it more when you enjoy that content.

The whole COVID situation means I’ve got more time on my hands to experiment and try new things. A few new ideas are kicking around my head, mostly revolving around live-streamed content. If this is something more of you would like to see, then I sure as hell should look into them a bit more. I’ve been created RPG content over on my Patreon and have been thinking about actual printed content. Does that interest you? Let me know! Are you not interested? That’s cool too.

There are several ways to have your voice heard. You can, of course, comment below. You can also join the You Are Welcome at My Table Discord channel or the A Pawn’s Perspective community on Facebook. You can hit me up at @perspectivepawn on Twitter or @pawnsperspective on Instagram. You can even shoot me over some old-fashioned electronic mail to rob[at]pawnsperspective.com. Any of these methods is an excellent way to get in touch with me.

(I know some people will request more content from Bea, and they will receive disapproving looks from me, her husband. Drink some damn water if you’re thirsty.)

More than anything, I want A Pawn’s Perspective to be a place where you can come for the specific content you like. That is unless you have some weird fetish and want to see me shuffle through piles of punched cardboard tokens barefoot and bare-chested while screaming about how much wood I can get from sheep. Think of the poor tokens. Imagine the trauma that would put them through.

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