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volfyirion fight

Earlier this year, I posted a preview for a game that I was excited for – Mysthea. The art, game mechanics, and unique setting all peaked my interest. After the success of Barbarians: The Invasion, it was no wonder that this game fully funded in just over three hours. After the success of Mysthea, Tabula Games decided to expand this stylized universe by creating a new competitive and fast paced deck-building card game for two players: Volfyirion.

volfyirion display

Tabula Games’  announcement about their upcoming Kickstarter included a few promises, among them:

  • Low Kickstarter pledge pricing – starting at 9€ (approx. $10.30)
  • Additional game modes added with Stretch Goals (4 player, coop, solo)
  • 80+ Cards with 60+ Original Artworks
  • A standalone game that fits neatly in a portable box
  • 120mm Miniature add-on with special rules to use it in Mysthea . . .

I am certainly excited about this miniature. And, it’s cross-over potential is great news for backers of Mysthea. Although, not nearly as weighty as the last few games to come out of Tabula Games’ lab, Volfyirion looks to be another quality creation heading our way. The Kickstarter campaign is set to launch October 17, 2018. If you are looking to get notified regarding campaign updates, you can sign up here.

volfyirion miniature

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