Unboxing Overseers

Thundergryph Games ran a really successful campaign with Overseers and I was delighted when the Deluxe edition of the game arrived on my doorstep last night. Not really wanting to wait, I dug right in and took some photos.

Everything is quality, down to the plastic insert in the box that holds everything. The metal coin included is a great touch and it’s got a good weight to it. The artwork, while amazing, is a bit risque, so this isn’t one I’ll be playing with the kids anytime soon.

Kickstarter backers should have their copies now, or at least should have them soon. The game is currently up for pre-order on Thundergryph’s site.

Overseers Box
Overseers Box Back
Overseers Rules
Overseers Reference
Overseers Tokens
Overseers Insert
Overseers Coins
Overseers Characters
Overseers Cards

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