Unboxing Mega Man

Mega Man is a game I’ve been waiting to get my hands on for a while now. I still haven’t had a chance to get it to the table yet, but I couldn’t resist tearing into it and seeing all the wonderful bits inside. I’ve got pictures from both the base game and the Time Man/Oil Man expansion, so there was a lot to go through.

Bestill my beating heart. These are some of the best pre-painted miniatures I’ve ever seen come with a game. I can only hope the game does well enough so we get Bass, and Treble. They had Dr. Light, Roll, and Protoman as Kickstarter add-ons, and unfortunately, I don’t have those…yet.

Mega Man Box
Mega Man Rules
Mega Man Board
Mega Man Tokens
Mega Man Player Boards
Mega Man Boss Boards
Mega Man Cards
Mega Man Dice
Mega Man Cards 2
Mega Man Challange
Mega Man Figs 1
Mega Man Figs 2
Time/Oil Man Box
Time/Oil Man Box Open
Time/Oil Man Boards
Time/Oil Man Figs

I didn’t get into too much detail with the card decks between the two boxes as they’re pretty much the same, with only minor variation for the different boxes.

I’m really hoping the game turns out to be halfway descent, because it looks great. It’d be a shame to have all these cool bits for a game that doesn’t live up to the Mega Man name. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to play soon, and get my review up on Purple Pawn

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