Unboxing Gamer Deck 1

After a great run on Kickstarter, Gamer Deck 1 is starting to arrive in the hands of backers. You may remember my original post about the deck from when I first backed it. The turnaround from Kickstarter to delivered product was pretty quick, and now I’ve got my own Gamer Deck to enjoy.

Here’s some shots of the packaging and cards. As you can see, there’s a lot of information on the cards other than just a suit and number. Each card has a game mechanic and die roll to go along with the suit, number, color, and icon.

Gamer Deck Box
Gamer Deck Box Back
Gamer Deck
Gamer Deck Black Royals
Gamer Deck Black Numbers
Gamer Deck Blue Royals
Gamer Deck Blue Numbers
Gamer Deck Magenta Royals
Gamer Deck Magenta Numbers
Gamer Deck Yellow Royals
Gamer Deck Yellow Numbers
Gamer Deck Jokers

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