Unboxing Barbarians: The Invasion


Just over one year ago, I posted a preview for Tabula Games’ then upcoming Kickstarter, Barbarians: The Invasion. Barbarians funded in less than 10 hours and began shipping to backers last month. Last week, we got our hands on a fresh copy and it is impressive to say the least. Let’s take a look:

The game box is made of a thick, sturdy material and the artwork is phenomenal.

The underside of the lid, respectfully pays homage to the original backers.

Opening the box, the 5 rulebooks are comfortably housed above the game materials underneath.

Included are 5 rulebooks, each in a different language.

The rulebook is printed in high-quality, vivid color.

Underneath the rulebooks, we see the miniatures and card decks. Also included are 5 zip-lock bags for future organization.

Look at all of those cards and minis!

The artwork of this game is outstanding.

More cards…

Faction tokens lie beneath the four card decks.

Clan tokens

Clan banners

Resource tokens

Highly-detailed miniatures

More miniatures 

Lifting out the tray insert that holds the miniatures and card decks reveals the volcano. The introduction of the volcano in Barbarians creates an interesting twist on the worker placement mechanic. Starting from the center and moving outwards, a player can only place workers in adjacent slots. Since the wheel can turn under certain circumstances, you must strategize in advance to prepare for possible twists or adjust your strategy on the fly.

Assembled volcano

The volcano in action

Underneath the volcano, you will find the remaining contents of the game box.

Double-printed game board

4 unique clan boards

48 colored bases

Double-sided map of Fenian and expansion map

Taking a look at the other side

And there you have it. What an great-looking game. Thank you, Tabula Games! Now it’s time to play…

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