Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition – Unboxing Contents Photo Gallery

Last month, Fantasy Flight released the long-awaited Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition board game. Now that the 2017 holiday frenzy is slowing down, I found a moment to post some unboxing photos of the game’s contents. Let’s jump right in and take a look:

Opening the large game box, the paper materials (game tokens, faction sheets, system tiles, rule books) sit on top of a plastic organizer containing the remaining components.

Fantasy Flight’s Summer 2017 Catalog largely contains much of the same games previously showcased in past catalogs-with the addition of Twilight Imperium Fourth Addition and a few others.

The Learn to Play and Rules Reference guides and Lore Compendium are beautifully printed and contain vivid color artwork throughout.

Learn to Play
Rules Reference
Lore Compendium

All of the game components are neatly packaged in protective zip-lock bags that can be used for later organization.

6 Command Sheets
Command Sheets Close-Up
17 Faction Sheets
Faction Sheets


Faction Sheets Close-Up – the artwork is impressive
Another Faction Sheet Close-Up

The cardboard components are plastic-wrapped and held in a typical punch-out housing. This bundle includes a large number of game components: 51 System Tiles, 8 Strategy Cards, 1 Victory Point Track, 1 Speaker Token, 2 Creuss Alpha/Beta Wormhole Tokens, 1 Naalu “0” Token, 1 Custodians Token, 2 Nekro X/Y Assimilator Tokens, 272 Commmand Tokens, 289 Control Tokens, 48 Trade Good and Commodity Tokens (these are double-sided), 49 Infantry Tokens, and 49 Fighter Tokens

Underneath the paper materials, are the game’s 354 Plastic Units (59 of each of the 6 colors bagged separately).

These plastic units are highly detailed and appear to be made of a harder plastic than past Fantasy Flight minis. Let’s take a closer look at a few units…

Infantry Flag, Space Dock, and Carrier
Yellow Flagship

8 black ten-sided dice are included for game play.

Underneath the game’s plastic components are a large number of game cards.

59 Planet Cards, 40 Objective Cards, 80 Action Cards, 50 Agenda Cards, 41 Promissory Note Cards, 122 Technology Cards, and 62 Unit Upgrade Technology Cards

Like all components of the game, each card is brightly-colored and printed on high-quality card stock with a slight glossy finish.

The game box is nice and thick. If well-kept, this will likely stay in great condition and keep your game components safe and well-housed.

Inside the game box is a plastic organizer tray with room to house all of your components once punched out. Time will tell whether there is room for any future expansions.

And, there you have it. Can’t wait to get playing this massive game. Look’s like I am also going to have to pre-order the game mat

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