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About a month ago, I gave the A Pawn’s Perspective Patreon an overhaul to focus on custom tabletop RPG content for patrons. With three different pledge levels, you can help support the content I create for $1, $2, or $5 a month. The $2 and $5 pledge levels will get you custom content, including lore, items, NPCs, encounters, and more.

Focused around my homebrew world of Yventh, all content will focus on three RPG systems. These systems are: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, Free League‘s Year Zero engine (focusing on Forbidden Lands), and Gallant Knight Games‘ Tiny d6 Engine (focusing on Tiny Dungeons.) I’ve released a free lore sample already, as well as an initial primer on Yventhsome magic items for each system, and a five scene encounter.

I’ve had trouble in the past with what I could offer patrons of the site. Gentle nudges from several people convinced me to share my TTRPG writing and what better way to do that than to share it with those who help support my content creation. I’ve even set some goals to reach to improve the RPG content I create by adding grid-based maps and eventually quarterly adventures. My ultimate goal would be to offer a quarterly print zine that consolidates the best content released in a convenient print format for you to use in your games.

So what is Yventh, exactly? It’s a world initially born from the family campaign I run for my wife and kids. It soon expanded to our adult group and then into the paid sessions I run for kids in my town. It’s a world given bones my me, fleshed out by my players’ actions and adventures, and refined after rereading sessions notes. The Yventh you’re seeing takes place an age after the Yventh my players are shaping.

The short of it? Yventh is a world that goes through a Rebirth every 1000 years. Created as a sandbox for the Gods where soulless vessels lived out preplanned scenarios, one of the Gods filled the world with souls after tiring of the endless disputes between the other Gods throughout the world’s cycles. The Gods fought over the souls, as well as the future of Yventh. The Council War resulted in the mortals claiming the world for themselves and forcing the Gods to leave Yventh in peace. The Age of Souls saw the mortals reshape Yventh’s Rebirth, as well as inadvertently create a new entity that presides over the realm.

Yventh is a world on many constants, though chaos and uncertainty are one of these constants. It’s a world that reshapes itself, and the power it uses to do so can condense and be forged by those who live there. It’s a world where Good and Evil, Law and Chaos, Order, and Magic all have their place under the protection of a multifaceted God known as The Many.

I hope more than anything else you enjoy this new content. I hope it helps you expand your games and sparks your creativity to tell extraordinary stories. I’m excited to share more about The Phoenix Realm with you as it grows and evolves. Join me on this new, great adventure, and help shape Yventh through each of its cycles.

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