Trigger Devils Review

Invented by T Antonio at home while trying to create a trigger stop without having to drill into his controller or buy an expensive custom controller, Trigger Devils are a snap on/adhesive solution for stock PS4 and Xbox One controllers.

What’s a trigger stop?

Trigger stops are a controller trigger modification that prevents the trigger from traveling the whole way down. They’re designed to make the trigger travel less distance, thus allowing the trigger on a controller to be pulled faster. Old-school stops were just screws set into the triggers to provide the stop. Eventually, custom pro controllers started incorporating them into their designs due to the massive potential they provide in competitive gaming.

Trigger Devils provide a non-permanent way to modify a controller. They snap/adhere* onto a controller’s triggers easily and can be removed as easily when not needed. They also go beyond being just a trigger-stop, also providing a more comfortable and ergonomic trigger as well as adding the ability to easily rock between the first and second trigger with minimal effort.

Trigger Devils Review - PS4

My own experience with Trigger Devils so far has been overwhelmingly positive. They snapped onto my PS4 controller with no trouble at all and perform exactly as advertised. I’ve been using them primarily for Overwatch, so the ability to rapidly pull the trigger hasn’t been as useful as the ability to easily rock between the first and second trigger buttons.

My oldest son, on the other hand, has been using the Trigger Devils for Star Wars: Battlefront and they’ve seriously helped to improve his game. Not only can he fire faster, but doesn’t suffer from the hand fatigue which he’s prone to getting while playing. He’s also noted that the ergonomic nature of the Trigger Devils have drastically reduced any pain in his fingers while playing.

Trigger Devils Review - Xbox One

Overall the Trigger Devils are a welcome addition to our gaming, and I’m surprised that such a simple addon provides such richer experience. I can’t imagine playing an FPS without them at this point.

If you’re an avid gamer who relies on their triggers there’s no reason not to invest in a pair of these trigger stops. You can snag a pair for the PS4 for $25, while the Xbox One trigger stops are $17 for just the right trigger. They’re a lot cheaper than buying a custom controller and a lot safer than trying to modify your controllers on your own.

*The PS4 Trigger Devils clip onto the controller’s triggers, while the Xbox One Trigger Devils stick using a residue-free adhesive.

2 pairs of Trigger Devils for the PS4 were provided free for review by Trigger Devils

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