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Humans have finally returned to the planet and have begun to rebuild. Their colony ships have been re-purposed and turned into Titans, giant AI beings who watch over their humans, protecting them from harm. As the different human colonies rebuild disputes often arise over borders and who controls them. This is when the Titans step on to the field to settle things with their own form of diplomacy. Combat. TITANOMACHINA combat.

While TITANOMACHINA does focus on the epic battle between to giant, metallic gods, a good portion of the game is preparation. Before border “negotiations” begin each player must choose a personality for their Titan, assemble their buildings, draft weapons and crew, and place their buildings and Titans on the board. Each players’ deck is composed of their Titan’s systems, crew, and weapon cards.

Giant robots with weapons for hands. What could go wrong?

Each player then takes turns activating various systems, each allowing their Titan to take different actions, by playing System Cards. These systems then “cool down” by being moved to the bottom of a player’s deck. Systems are “charged” by the players drawing new cards to refresh their hand. As the Titans battle back and forth systems can be damaged, requiring Crew cards to help repair them so they can be used again. Titans can destroy both each other and the buildings around them. Victory points can be earned in a variety of ways, creating multiple paths to victory.

As play in TITANOMACHINA unfolds, a turn tracker in the game counts down. The player who has the most victory points at the end of 18 rounds, or who gains a lead of 10 victory points, wins the game.

TITANOMACHINA is currently on Kickstarter and looking to raise $30k to fund. There are 2 main pledge levels, the game for $60 and a 4-pack for retailers coming in at $180. For what you get in the game, $60 is a pretty sweet price point. Not only do you get 2 giant Titan miniatures with detachable weapon-hands but also 3D buildings, giving the game an epic feel on the tabletop.

A prototype of TITANOMACHINA was provided for this preview by Robert Wood and returned after use.

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