TileScape: Into the Wilds Preview

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Rocket Pig Games has launched their latest Kickstarter: Stout-Hearted Heroes DUNGEONEERS + TileScape: Into the Wilds. This project, launched on September 19th, promises a wide array of dungeon terrain tiles and over 200 unique fantasy-themed miniatures to go along. TileScape is expected to ship out May 2018, so unlike most tabletop Kickstarter projects, there is not a long wait between funding and shipping. As most of us know, these “deadlines” are often missed as a result of unforeseen hangups. However, here, the lack of a “production” phase and digital-file electronic delivery will likely help to prevent any delay.

TileScape Wilds Preview

TileScape Wilds Preview

TileScape Wilds Preview

Example of pro-painted miniatures (Rob Spoon).

TileScape Wilds Preview

The Heroes Core Set

With over a month to go, there is still plenty of time to back this project. Additionally, this project has already met its funding goal, so there is very little risk. And, with such a cheap starter pledge ($20), it is easy to get in on the action. $20 gets you the files to print any one core set of your choice, however, if you are willing to spend, the add-ons are endless.

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