Tidal Blades Giveaway Winner!

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  • Presentation (Art/Quality)
  • Plan (Rules)

It’s time to declare the winner of the Tidal Blades pledge, A Pawn’s Perspective’s last-ever monthly giveaway.

This month’s winner, who’s entry gained by YouTube subscription is…

Christine Johnson


Congratulations, Christine! You’ll be the proud new owner of a retail copy of Tidal Blades once the game starts shipping next year. Also, you have the opportunity to buy up to a Deluxe pledge and/or 5th-Player Expansion just by paying the difference if you’d like.

As mentioned above, this is the last monthly giveaway that I’ll be running on the site. Quarterly, curated giveaways can be unlocked once my Patreon reaches $100 a month.

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