The Long Road Ahead

After yesterday’s post I decided to sit down and take inventory of everything that’s come in recently. In line with my estimates, I’ve got 50 games on the dot that need to get played and reviewed. Again, this doesn’t include games already played, digital titles, toys, or gaming accessories. There’s a long road ahead, but I’ve already started planning r_day, and am hoping to lock down a date and location soon.

As for the latest additions to the list?

Battle for Zendikar Hasbro
Mega Man Jasco Games
The Rose King Kosmos
Ghostbusters Cryptazoic
Storyline Asmodee
Aurora Rampage Games
Perspective Minion Games
Sun Moon & Stars Minion Games
Odd World Fox Mind Ironmark Games
Bravest Encounters Catalyst
Jarl Catalyst
Mix Match & Robbers Haba
Space Planets Haba
Tambuzi Haba
Pixel Glory Whatz Games
Epic White Wizard
Ophidian Wars Cave Games
Japanese the Game Japanese the Game
Ravens of Thri Sahashri Osprey Games
Haiku Warrior Jason Anarchy
Three Cheers for Master Atlas Games
Fast & Fhtagn Atlas Games
Boomtown Bandits Breaking Games
Emergents: Genesis Urban Island
Yashima Greenbrier Games
Paperback Tim Fowers
Burgle Bros Tim Fowers
Fugative Tim Fowers

There’s more on the way, too, plus a few requests I’ve put out for Kickstarter prototypes of games I’m especially interested in.

I’m hoping to knock off some of the lighter card games this weekend, getting a game group going at work, and possibly setup a few “play dates” in the next few weeks. I’m thinking r_day may have to wait until later in June or early July.

It’s a long road, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be a good time!

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