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The Deck of Many is a set of D&D 5e reference cards made for Dungeon Masters to reduce the number of books needed to run your own adventure. Each deck contains a number of tarot-sized cards that include really great, fun art on one side, and the reference information on the other (courtesy of the Open Game License). There are currently decks available that provide references for Status Conditions, Weapons, stat blocks for NPCs and many of the creatures from the Monster Manual (as well as a few fantastic original creatures). There is also an illustrated version of the legendary Deck of Many Things, that is sure to throw excitement into any game, for weal or woe!


These cards are an exceptional addition to any DM kit, and certainly helps with conserving valuable tabletop real estate. The reimagined art on the cards provide a fresh look at the monsters, NPCs, and items of the D&D universe that are easily passed around the table to give the DM and Players great visuals to spark the table’s imagination. The decks are available for $15.99 per deck or $79.99 for the set of all seven– a great deal for the amount of content you get.

The Deck of Many also has an active Kickstarter right now for their Deck of Many Animated Spells– a set of plastic tarot-sized cards detailing the spells in the Open Game License for 5e that have animated illustrations and all of the relevant spell information for each spell in an easy to read, well designed package. At the time of writing, the Kickstarter has unlocked the decks of cantrips and half of the first level spells. The other exciting part of the spell cards are that they’re made of plastic, which given the likelihood of accidental spills happening at the table when the Barbarian crits, is a feature I really love.


In addition to the spell cards, the Kickstarter is offering a reimagined animated Deck of Many Things that includes all new animated illustrations that look to turn the magic of this legendary item up to eleven.

The whole set of the Deck of Many is highly recommended, and I know I’m very much looking forward to the results of the current Kickstarter!


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