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1d49c76b927d96fa12d63b23fd72c1b8 originalDesigners: Matt Fantastic
Publisher: Tuesday Knight Games
Year: 2018
Minimum Pledge: $10
Players: 2-6
Play Time: 10 min
Ages: 8+
Rules Available Online: No
BGG: That’s Not Lemonade

The lemonade stand business is rough, especially in your neighborhood during one of the hottest summers in history. A sugary showdown is about to take place between all the rival curbside tycoons to determine who controls the block and the flow of golden refreshment. The challenge? Drink as much of your own lemonade as possible. The victor will be the one still standing at the end of the tart throwdown. There’s just one kink in the works. Little Johnny, the neighborhood prankster, has been sneaking around and … tainting … the goods. If you’re unlucky you might just drink something that’s not lemonade.

I mean, who are they kidding? We’re talking about pee. Piss. A different kind of golden refreshment.

That's Not Lemonade Preview - Ewww

Thanks, Ernest.

That’s Not Lemonade is a simple, open-table, push your luck game that plays in 10 minutes or less. The goal is simple. Be the last one standing or at least the person who has drunk the most lemonade at the end of a round. Each round the tiles are shuffled and one is placed face-down in the center of the table. A dealer is chosen and everyone is given a small lemonade cup. Each player takes turns either hitting or passing, determined by tapping their cup on the table to hit or flipping it over and tapping it to pass. The dealer gives that player a tile and they secretly look at it. If it’s lemonade or ice, that player is good and is still in the round. If That’s Not Lemonade, that player reveals the tile and is immediately out. A round ends when all players pass or when all players but one are knocked out. In the case of all the players passing, the player with the most lemonade cards wins the round and takes a lemonade tile as their point. In the case of a tie, ice tiles break the tie. The game is played until one player has scored lemonade tiles.

That's Not Lemonade Preview - CardsSo how does it play?


That’s Not Lemonade is a pure push your luck game without much else to it other than quality components, excellent artwork, and a semi-disgusting theme (I mean that it a good way!) Rounds tend to be pretty fast as there are only 17 tiles (18 total, minus the one you take out at the start of the round) to pass around. This number also decreases as players earn lemonade tiles as points. It’s lighthearted fun that’s excllent to start, or finish, a game night. It’s one of those games that seems extra-hilarous the later in the night it gets. It’s also only $10, which is pretty much an impulse buy and an excellent deal for what you’re getting in the box.

A copy of That’s Not Lemonade was loaned out and returned for this preview by Tuesday Knight Games

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