Thank You All. It Has Been a Pleasure.

When I first started writing tabletop news for Purple Pawn back in 2009 I never would have thought I would have grown to where I am today in 2021. I have met so many wonderful people, had some amazing experiences, and played some of the best games out there. I’m so grateful for all the support of my readers and all the time I’ve spent getting to know so many people, be they fans, designers, or publishers.

All good things come to an end, eventually. It’s the nature of everything to have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Unfortunately my time as A Pawn’s Perspective is ending. It’s been a passion project of mine for so long it feels weird to say those words, but the signs have been there for some time. The final tipping point? COVID.

Back in August of 2020 I lost my day job as a Senior Web Developer for an advertising company in CT. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t secure another job in tech. I made the decision to pivot my career and focus on what I really love to do. Write.

I’d love to say I’ve been immediately successful, but all I can admit to is making ends meet. Unfortunately the time it takes for me to write for my various clients leaves me little time to work on A Pawn’s Perspective and give it the attention it deserves. So with a heavy heart I’ve decided to close it down.

The site will remain here until my hosting contract is up, and then will fade away unless another steps up to take my place. I will be fulfilling a few last obligations through March, but will no longer be taking any new review requests.

This doesn’t mean I’m done with content creation. I will still maintain a fairly active Instagram account, as well as focusing a bit more on my alter ego, Devar-TTY on Twitch, and the streaming of video and tabletop games. All of my future YouTube content will eventually move to my personal YouTube account, as the Pawn’s Perspective channel will no longer be updated.

I plan to continue to stay active in the tabletop community, offering my services as a writer to publishers of both board games and tabletop RPGs. I’ve even got a few projects I’m working on already. While A Pawn’s Perspective may be going away, I am not. I’ll still be here to cheer on my friends, champion content, and hang with all my friends at conventions once that’s a possibility again.

I should probably stop now, as the screen is getting a bit hard to read. I’m more than happy to connect with anyone who wishes to know more, or just wants to chat. I’m always available to give advice if needed, as well as to point people in the right direction when they’re looking for content creation in the industry.

Again, thank you all so much. It’s been a wild ride.

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  1. Jamey Stegmaier
    March 3, 2021
  2. David Miller
    March 3, 2021

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