TekCreations Paint Racks

The other week, TekCreations sent over two of their laser-cut paint racks for review. Based out of Perth, Australia, TekCreations specializes in crafting gaming accessories out of medium-density fibreboard.

TekCreations Model Paint Rack/Holder for Wargame or Miniature Bottle Paints

The first rack pictured ($11.49) is a Model Paint Rack/Holder for Wargame or Miniature Bottle Paints. This paint rack, made from 3mm medium-density fibreboard, measures 180mm x 95mm x 105mm and holds 18 Vallejo, Army Painter, or Reaper paint bottles (30 millimeter diameter). Up to 12 paint bottles can be stored upside down to help cycle your paints to keep them from coagulating. Additionally, the rack has 12 holes for brushes. This will hold most style model paintbrushes. However, the holes are not large enough for a larger-handle triangular Army Painter brush.

TekCreations Paint Rack Holder for Citadel Warhammer Paints

The second paint rack pictured ($13.79) is Paint Rack Holder for Citadel Warhammer Paints. Made from the same 3mm medium-density fibreboard, this rack measures 250mm x 120mm x 55mm and holds up to 18 Citadel (32mm diameter) paint bottles. This paint rack also has 15 slots for brushes.
These paint rack are great. Because these items ships out of Australia, if you are shipping to the U.S., expect about a two-week turnaround time. The racks required some minor sanding, gluing, and assembly, but nothing too demanding. Once assembled, they function just as intended and help to neaten up and organize your workspace. These low-cost paint racks a definitely a great buy.

Paint racks provided free for review by TekCreations.

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