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The first in a planned set called “The Matchbox Series”, Tangled Timelines is a card game about heroic rescue missions through time and space featuring an incredibly diverse set of characters. It’s a game of hand management and set collection where players try to play one card to gain many before they’re wiped away and gone for good.

Tangled Timelines Preview - Card Anatomy

At the beginning of the game the deck is shuffled, each player is given 4 cards, and 4 cards are placed down in a line on the table. Players begin play by each playing a card from their hand face-down, then revealing them. Initiative is set by each Hero’s letter. The player who wins initiative uses their card’s special power before taking their turn.

A player’s turn consists of playing a card to the timeline and taking any matching Class and Skill into their hand. A Legendary Assassin played would rescue all Assassins and all Legendary heroes in the timeline. Unfortunately, the Legendary Assassin would be lost to the timeline. Once each player has taken a turn the timeline is swept from the table and refreshed and a new round starts. Play continues until the deck is emtpy.

That’s all well and good, but how do you score? Two ways. You get points for an unbroken chain of Heroes A-Z, earning more points the longer the chain. The player with the longest chain gets 20 points, while the rest earn 15, 10, and 5 points respectively. The next way to score is by complete timelines, having each skill level of a respective class. Again, the player with the strongest timeline gets 20 points, with 15, 10, and 5 going to the other players.

The current Rules Doc is hosted here.

Tangled Timelines is visually stunning, easy to learn, and a hell of a lot of fun. It takes no time at all to learn how to play, is beautifully illustrated, and contains a rich, diverse set of characters that spark the imagination. Also, for those who are familiar with various tabletop content creators, there’ll be an additional 52 cards with heroes based off such folks such as Lizzy Funkhouser, Doug Shute, Kat Rider, Martyn Poole, and more!

Oh, did I mention the game is only $15 ($13 + $2 shipping in the US) and is already fully funded? Yeah. It’s a great value. So what are you waiting for?

Print and play files for a basic version of Tangled Timelines were provided free for this preview by The Daniel Zayas Company

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