Battle for Baldur’s Gate Review

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Full Battle for Baldurs Gate Review “Where goes the stench of evil, so goes the cleansing wind of Minsc and Boo.” – Minsc Battle for Baldur’s Gate brings two beloved characters made popular by Bioware’s Baldur’s Gate video game series and brings them into Dungeon Mayhem! Play as the mind-addled ranger, Minsc, and his Miniature, Giant Space Hamster, Boo, or …

The Haunt Review

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In ages past, an ancient town was lost and destroyed to a siege of orcs. Only one building survived and to this day, the manor is the only still standing building to be seen for miles around. Some say it is haunted, a few whisper of great treasures within, whilst others whisper that it is the manor itself that lives! …

Jetpack7’s Masters and Minions: A 5th Edition Supplement Review

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Lord Sebastian is a vampire. Like any vampire, he needs to feed to survive. Blood. Drag-and-drop supplements are increasing in popularity these days. I recently had the opportunity to take a look at Jetpack7’s Masters and Minions: A 5th Edition Supplement. This 5E supplement is centered around this growing trend of reducing prep time for gamemasters and contains encounters for …

Nord Games – Ultimate NPCs: Skulduggery Review

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This week I had the opportunity to read through Nord Games – Ultimate NPCs: Skulduggery, a sourcebook packed with 30 NPCs ready to drag and drop into your campaigns. This book originally funded on Kickstarter on January 31, 2016, and is currently available for purchase online. This resource is available in both 5E and Pathfinder formats. Additionally, there are several …

Transformers TCG Review - Header

Transformers TCG Review

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Full Transformers TCG Review Autobots, transform and roll out! Decepticons, transform and rise up! Choose your bots, build your deck, and battle until your opponent is defeated. One shall stand. One shall fall. Hasbro’s Transformers TCG brings oversized, double-sided Transformers cards to the table and lets players mix and match their favorites in a family-friendly trading card game both parents …

Dungeon Mayhem Review - Header

Dungeon Mayhem Review

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Full Dungeon Mayhem Review It’s a 2-4 player battle royal in Wizard’s latest Dungeons & Dragons-themed card game, Dungeon Mayhem. Aimed at a younger crowd, this light-hearted title combines ultra-simple rules with wacky artwork to create a game the entire family can enjoy together in 5-10 minutes. In Dungeon Mayhem each player takes a character deck. There’s the Sun Elf …