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Gruff: Stuff of Nightmares Preview

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Designers: Brent Critchfield Publisher: Studio Woe Year: 2018 Minimum Pledge: $35 Players: 1-4 Play Time: 20-45 min Ages: 11+ Rules Available Online: Yes BGG: Gruff: Stuff of Nightmares I was first introduced to Gruff in 2016 when Studio Woe was Kickstarting their second set, Clash of the Battle Goats. Since then I’ve met Brent, the game’s designer, at various conventions, played the base set, …

Interview with Studio Woe’s Brent Critchfield, Designer of Gruff

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Recently Studio Woe announced their plans to make their card game of battling mutant goats, Gruff, Kickstarter exclusive going forward. Designer Brent Critchfield took some time to answer a few of my questions about Gruff’s transition and what it means for the future of the game. — So before we dig into the big announcement why don’t you introduce yourself …