Dice Pairing with Level Up Dice

Dice Pairing with Level Up Dice – On the High Seas

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Welcome to Dice Pairing with Level Up Dice. I’ll be your Diceomancer, guiding through your quest for luxury dice to suit any occasion. Today I’m going to serve up two expertly crafted polyhedral sets to accompany you on your high seas adventures. So without further ado, let’s begin. Verawood Dice Verawood produces an essential oil long after the tree has …

Paladin Roleplaying Gaming Accessories Review

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Last week, Neil Jackson, from Paladin Roleplaying was generous enough to send over some of their gaming accessories for us to check out. Based in Devon, United Kingdom, Paladin Roleplay sells and ships beautiful dice and other roleplaying accessories worldwide through their online store. The company was founded in 2017, and aims “to get gorgeous dice and roleplaying accessories out …

DIY RPG Healing Potions!

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Recently, there has been a growing trend of RPG gamers creating their own healing potions using unique glass jars and dice. You can pick these up on Etsy, or simply make them yourself. They make great gifts for your PCs or friends, or, a nice reusable in-game item for any GM. The potion bottle pictured here was crafted using a …