Kingdomino Duel Review

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Full Kingdomino Duel Review Kingdomino is an amazing game. It’s colorful, approachable, super each to teach, and a whole lot of fun. Queendomino expanded on the excellence of the original by adding a bit more depth for gamers that were looking for a bit more. Kingdomino Duel boils the Spiel Des Jahres award winner down into a 2-player roll-and-write. Does …

Slide Quest Review

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I recently got the chance to play the introductory quest of Slide Quest with my 5 year old daughter – check out this review/interview to see how she liked it! (Some of my thoughts are below the video, in boring old text form.) Slide Quest is an ingeniously simple game. You roll a knight around a board, maneuvering around obstacles …

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Kingdomino Review

Rob Kalajian review, tabletop Leave a Comment

Designers: Bruno Cathala Publisher: Blue Orange Games Year: 2016 MSRP: $19.99 Players: 2-4 Play Time: 15-20 minutes Ages: 8+ Rules Available Online: Yes BGG: Kingdomino Prelude Winner of the 2017 Spiel des Jahres, one of the most prestigious awards in the boardgame industry, Kingdomino has been a huge hit for Blue Orange Games. The game takes the basic mechanic of matching dominos …