TableTop Tokens Review

TableTop Tokens are a unique 2D gaming concept for RPGs, created by Geek Tank Games. These premium plastic tokens allow you to quickly arrange a scenario for any tabletop RPG like Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder. Each token is hand-drawn and scaled to fit a 1” x 1” battlemap. However, the tokens are free floating, so they can be arranged and rearranged with ease. Geek Tank Games currently offers a camping set, a castle furnishings set, and a castle siege set.

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Each token set comes with over 50 tokens (the Castle Siege Set comes with 30+). The tokens are made of a thin, durable plastic material designed to resist spills. They lay flat on your table, so as to not be obtrusive, keeping minis and other objects readily visible. Each set is packaged in a resealable bag, which is a nice touch-convenient and eco-friendly. The distinctive artwork has a hand-drawn look which helps to mute these token behind the things that matter most, like the players and the narrative. Additionally, the hand-drawn look really syncs well with any game master looking to stick with the homemade campaign feel.

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Geek Tank Games is currently working on the near-future release of several new token lines: Rooftops, Dungeon, Town Market, and Graveyard. Hopefully, I can get my hands on these new releases and post some photos. Each token set currently retails for $15.99, making these tokens an accessible gaming accessory for most gamers. If you are looking to breathe some quick, affordable life into your next RPG meet-up, give these tokens a look.

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