Super Dungeon Tactics v1.2 Brings Big Changes

Super Dungeon Tactics, for those who are unfamiliar, is a digital take on the wildly popular dungeon crawler, Super Dungeon Explore. While it’s not a true digital port, it’s familiar enough that players of SDE will feel right at home. I saw SDT at PAX East last year and have been eagerly awaiting its release. It’s out now and there’s some big changes on the way based off player feedback gathered by Underbite Games. On Thursday the following updates will take effect in v1.2:

  • Achievements
  • 6 New levels including 3 boss battles and 3 unique challenges
  • Streamlined Guildhall with combined locations and better inventory management
  • Many UI tweaks like damage preview and better hero selection
  • New Hot Keys for rotation, cycling heroes, and ending actions
  • Most difficulties have a health recover for ALL heroes not just revived ones
  • Bug Squashing

We’ve got copies on hand and are currently enjoying the game. Frank should have a review coming soon.

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