STEM: Epic Heroes Hits Kickstarter

I’ve known about STEM: Epic Heroes for quite some time now and have been eagerly awaiting the launch of its Kickstarter campaign. The game has players racing to make discoveries by using Heroes to make Discoveries while Item, Location, and Inspiration cards boost Discoveries or hinder your opponents’ scientific pursuits. The game ends when a player completes all 5 steps of the Scientific Method, then points are totalled and a winner is declared.

STEM is supposed to be quick, light, and easy to learn. It features some amazing artwork of some of histories most famous scientists like Ada Lovelace, Nikola Tesla, Isaac Newton, and more. To get a peek at the rules, check here.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a preview copy of the game, as it’s one I was really looking forward to covering. Hopefully I’ll be able to check out the final game once it funds.  To make sure you get your own copy of the game make sure to hit the $19 pledge mark on the campaign for the basic set. The Kickstater runs until October 17th, so there’s plenty of time to back the project and help bring it to life.

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