State of Wonder Preview

State of Wonder Preview - LogoDesigners: Emelie Rodin
Publisher: BetterBuilt Studio
Year: 2018
Minimum Pledge: $37.95
Players: 2-5
Play Time: 20-50 min
Ages: 15+
Rules Available OnlineYes
BGG: State of Wonder

State of Wonder is a new CCG coming to Kickstarter soon by BetterBuilt Studio. Unlike other CCG’s that require a deck of 40-100 cards, State of Wonder limits decks to 17 total cards. Now, you may think that the game is similar to other microgames like I did, but you’d be wrong. State of Wonder brings full-scale siege war to the table with a minimal amount of cards, but not a minimal amount of fuss.

There’s a lot of phases to keep track of in the State of Wonder rulebook. There’s the Start Phase, Main Phase, War Phase, Battle Phase, and End Phase. There’s also a lot of areas on the table to keep track of such as the Production Zone, Siege Line, Wall, Garrison, Guild Quarters, The State, Hand, and Graveyard. It’s quite a bit to keep track of for just 17 cards!

The object of the game is to reduce your opponent’s State to 0 health or to build up your State to a Wonder and accumulate 4 counters on it. Each turn a State generates gold that can be used, or saved,  to pay for buildings, fortifications, or units. Units can be used for Field or Siege battles, while fortifications and buildings give you defensive power and varying abilities. Players go back and forth meeting each other for battle in the field and trying to push forward to lay siege to the enemy’s State.

A few interesting mechanics here are that each player starts with their full deck in their and, and that during the End Phase players may take as many cards back from their Graveyard to their hand. This keeps the same 16 cards (the State is always out) are constantly being played as players try to outmaneuver one another.

Like I mentioned before, State of Wonder looks like it would be a quick game with only 17 cards per player. In fact, the game is as in-depth and sprawling as any good CCG. While it certainly has a learning curve with all the phases and table areas, the gameplay is extremely rewarding. Fans of CCGs, TCGs, LCGS, etc, etc… will certainly find a lot to like about State of Wonder. As for everyone else, I think this is a bit beyond but the average gamer is looking for.

If anything you’ve read above seems interesting, check out the current rules and the State of Wonder Kickstarter page. When the KS finally launches you’ll be able to pledge for all 3 initial decks for the equivalent of $37.95. It’s a bit more than 2-3 60 card theme decks of competing CCGs, but you’re getting just as much game as you would any of the major games in the genre.

Two prototype decks were provided free for preview by BetterBuilt Studio. A preview agreement was in place before the A Pawn’s Perspective’s 2018 Preview Policy was put into place.

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