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UPDATE: The winner is DANIEL!!! I will be reaching out soon to set up shipping.

Time for a new quarterly giveaway from our sponsor, Board Geeks Gaming!

This quarter’s giveaway is for a Magnetic Dice Tray, a $55 value.

"This Magnetic Dice Tray is a great addition to any tabletop game that  uses dice rolls. During games where dice are shared by everyone at the  table, it provides an easy, and elegant looking means of passing dice  around the table.  Not only does it provide a compact area to roll large  numbers of dice, it also prevents dice from careening across the  tabletop knocking over game pieces and leaving the gaming surface in  disarray.

With an innovative magnetic design, this dice tray can  be assembled or disassembled in seconds, for compact storage and  convenient portability.  When not in use, it neatly stores in a handmade  carry bag with plenty of space to hold an assortment of other gaming  accessories." - Board Geeks Gaming

To enter this giveaway, all you need to do is comment below with a story of your favorite RPG character you’ve ever played. Minotaur Bard who loves to play the cowbell? Salty turtle pirate? Maybe a teenager with superpowers that give her a bad hangover?

You can also Like, Comment, and Share THIS Facebook post for more entries!

You can enter this giveaway up until the end of September. A winner will be picked February 1st.

Don’t forget you can also use the code PAWN10 on BoardGeekGaming’s Etsy page to get 10% off any order! Need some dice to go with their awesome accessories? Check out Level Up Dice for the best in luxury dice.

This giveaway is only available to those in the continental US. No purchase necessary.

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Comments 7

  1. Overweight, styleblind, air kineticist. She could and would wear anything, resulting in a snake skin top, long white gloves, a tutu, and leather boots. She also had constant fly and was majestic at all times.

  2. Kronos the demonic warforged barbarian necromancer wizard who ran into battle along side his army of undead and never ran away

  3. Capi, my human eldritch knight. Fought with a shield 😉 and wanted to be the brave warrior who saved everyone and looked cool doing it. But the dice always set him up for an epic success followed by a massive fail, so he would save the villager but faceplant in the mud. The rolls molded him into the best worst hero.

  4. Flavio Seppioline Dibenevento! My moon elf rogue who was just as good at his knife skills as he was at charming, seducing, and intimidating his opponents into submission. He once managed to kill 5 orcs by gently asking them to jump off a 500 ft tall building in the middle of a fight. My best character.

  5. I once played a really young impulsive derpy Elf, I forget his name. We were trying to sneak into a building controlled by the thieves guild, and being a bit sarcastic I said he was going to try to open the door with force instead of trying to pick the lock and be sneaky, and of course rolled a nat 20. So the door gets ripped off its hinges and alerted everyone that we were breaking in, and all these thieves attacked us, but at least I now had a handy door I could use as a shield lol.

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